What is Fùtbol-sala?

Fùtbol-sala is an indoor Football arena (mini-stadium) that is to be launched on the 18th of November 2017.

The idea of bringing Fùtbol-sala is originally to help football players have a platform to showcase their talents and make football famous in Chennai.

The Arena

Features of the arena:

1. FIFA Quality Turf football ground (50 mm).
2. Chennai’s first 5×5 Mtrs mini ice-bath recovery pool.
3. Spacious one side viewing gallery of 150 seats.
4. PlayStation Gaming center.
5. Canteen.
6. Video capturing facilities.
7. Low-cost slot booking at just INR1500/-. Lower than any other arena in Chennai.

Future Plans

Fùtbol-sala has planned to open an academy for selected 60 underprivileged kids who have the ability to play football and they will be trained by an AIFF certified coach to play and represent our arena.Having a number of talented and passionate members in this arena, we are confident that we will be able to reach a maximum number of sportsmen in Chennai.